Aviation services

UNSOA Aviation services are based on a hub-and-spoke support concept, with a centralized operations base in Mogadishu, and decentralized execution at a number of logistic/tactical hubs, feeding the six mission mandated sectors.

The current UNSOA fleet consists of a total of twelve aircraft. Three fixed wing aircraft operate passenger and cargo regular flight routes from Nairobi with connections to Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baidoa, and Beletweyne, and nine helicopters service the six sector hubs and over 73 Forward Operating bases.

The mission has two dedicated aeromedical evacuation helicopters within its fleet and additionally operates a stand-by MEDEVAC/CASEVAC service arrangement with a fleet of over 10 air assets contracted to execute aeromedical evacuation from the main hubs to destinations out of Somalia.

As of September 2014 UNSOA had evacuated close to 1,200 patients since its inception.