UNSOA Mandate

Resolution 1863 of January 2009 created UNSOA as a logistical field support operation to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), led by the United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS). AMISOM has grown to become a force of over 22,126 troops and police from seven African states, and UNSOA’s role and size has evolved alongside it, mirrored in a series of UNSC Resolutions.

UN Security Council Resolution 2182 of 24 October 2014 extended the mandate of AMISOM with 22,126 troops to 30 November 2015, and requested the continual review the benchmarks for the deployment of a UN peacekeeping operation, and the impact of the temporary surge authorized under SCR 2124; and recommendations for the next steps in the military campaign by 30 May 2015; and noted that following the 18-24 month surge, a decrease in AMISOM's force strength would be considered.

SCR 2182 also requested improvement in planning and strategic management of AMISOM, and coordination between troop contingents, sectors and joint operations with SNA; and noted that military operations should be followed immediately by efforts to reinforce governance structures in recovered areas and the delivery of basic services; and encouraged the timely delivery of Quick Impact Projects in support of FGS stabilization efforts;

SCR 2182 requested AMISOM and SNA to accord priority to securing key supply routes to improve the humanitarian situation and requested the Secretary-General to report on progress; and urged Member States to provide up to 12 military helicopters to AMISOM, as well as force enablers and multipliers identified in the 2013 United Nations-African Union benchmarking assessment;

In addition, SCR 2182 provided for upgraded marine surveillance and interdiction to counter violations of the charcoal and arms embargoes; and invited prime attention to issues of reported sexual exploitation and abuse.