Communication and Information Technology

Since 2009, a secure strategic communications network has been established, linking AMISOM Force Headquarters in Mogadishu with AMISOM Mission Headquarters and UNSOA offices in Nairobi.

The TETRA secure tactical radio system was deployed in-theater in 2010 to support AMISOM operations in Mogadishu with 2,300 handheld and mobile radios, which has now grown to the current provision of 3,200 radios down to the platoon level.

The TETRA radio system installations have since expanded to follow AMISOM deployments outside Mogadishu to six Sector locations and various strategic sites, through the Trust Funds in support of AMISOM. To provide a more extensive secured communications coverage between the AMISOM FHQ in Mogadishu and the Sector HQ’s and strategic locations, 184 Codan HF base stations, man-packs and mobile radios were provided, which are also capable of secured data transmission.

Other ICT facilities and services are provided by Communication Information Technology Services (CITS) covering; voice, data and video, like telephony, internet, email, videoconferencing and access to enterprise systems. These services are carried over extensive ICT infrastructure through VSAT, microwave, fiber wired and wireless networks. The same ICT facilities and services provided for AMISOM, UNSOM, UNSOA and other agencies in Mogadishu are being deployed out to the Sectors and strategic locations.

As part of the capacity building mandate of UNSOA in support of the TCC’s participating in AMISOM operations, continuous pre-deployment training and advanced technical training are being conducted by CITS to provide AMISOM Signals officers with the capability to sustain their ICT requirements wherever they deploy in Somalia, and also to augment the resources of CITS to effectively provide communications and IT support throughout the mission area.

To date, more than 700 Signals officers have been trained in the various ICT equipment and systems used in-theater.