Contingent-owned Equipment Reimbursement

Contingent-Owned Equipment (COE) is reimbursed to AMISOM Troop Contributing Countries’ (TCCs) for the use of their nationally owned equipment in theatre. This provision was initiated in January 2009, through United Nations Security Council Resolution 1863.

UNSOA, AMISOM and the TCCs review the status of COE in theatre on a quarterly basis with the aim of determining the eligibility for reimbursement in accordance with standard UN practices. Lethal and non-lethal COE totaling $21.5 million was reimbursed for the period January 2009 to 21st February 2012, with funds made available through the Trust Fund.

In February 2012 the Security Council incorporated COE reimbursement through the UN assessed contributions to TCCs in the UNSOA mandate (Resolution 2036). This had the effect of moving funding related to the reimbursement of COE to the assessed contributions and no further payments were made from the AMISOM Trust Fund.