Information Support

UNSOA information support operations commenced in November 2009 with the contracting of an international consortium of public information professionals.

The AU-UN Information Support Team of approximately 60 delivers strategic communications support to AMISOM and UNSOM, engages a wider range of stakeholders in support of the AU / UN mission, and works to create a positive narrative about the peace and state building process in Somalia.

Its work is divided into four functional areas:

  • A 24/7 Newsroom operation.
  • TV and Radio Production.
  • Community and Diaspora Outreach. 
  • Media Monitoring, Research and Evaluation. 

Recent data indicated a greater awareness of AMISOM’s mandate and its outreach activities including provision of free medical treatment through the AMISOM Field Hospital.

This has created a positive attitude towards the Federal Government of Somalia, the international community, peace process, and AMISOM’s presence in Somalia.