MOVCON and Troop Rotations

MOVCON and Troop Rotations

MOVCON is responsible for the movement of all personnel within the theater and out of the theater.

Between 2011 and 2014, UNSOA had successfully deployed and rotated out a total of 72,869 AMISOM
troops from Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti, Ugandan Force Police Unit (FPU) and Nigeria FPU.

UNSOA Movement Control Section (MCS) is responsible for coordinating the movement of cargo and personnel. All administrative, policies, budgetary and operational elements in theatre are coordinated, from its headquarters based in Nairobi. The Mombasa Support Base offers logistical support to the mission’s supply chain, whereas the Regional Support Centre Entebbe (RSCE) augments UNSOA’s support by offering shared common services, which include but are not limited to all financial services.

The Mogadishu headquarters focuses mainly on executive direction and management as well as actual operations control within Somalia. It also manages activities in relation to implementation, servicing all tactical areas of operation as per the mission’s mandate. The below explanation provides more detailed information with regard to the different functions in separate locations.

Passenger Booking Office (PBO) conducts supervision of operations at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on a schedule of 4 weekly regular flights to Mogadishu via Wajir. PBO have so far managed to coordinate 1,782 flights and handle a total of 31,231 passengers in 2014.

The Shipping Unit is responsible for: processing third party logistics requests for quotation, issuance of task/service orders to third party contractors, invoice processing and Service Entry Sheet (SES) completion in Umoja, processing importation and exportation documentation with the Host Country Relations Unit (HCRU) in United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), supervision and contract management, coordination of all cargo movements and drafting shipping/vessel unit statements of requirements and technical evaluation criteria which processed receipt and delivery of 372 incoming commercial shipments with a total weight of 10,391,887.25 kilograms valued at $ 99,669,063.21 in 2014. The total number of containers handled was 1,550 which included 372 shipments 185 transported by sea and 187 by air.

Troops Unit/Joint Movement Coordination Center (JMCC) undertakes coordination of troop movement with UNSOA’s Planning Unit, UNHQ and RSCE. It coordinates all special flight requests, supervises, supports, monitors and reports on all troop movement activities. The unit coordinated 934 Special Flight Requests in 2014. Furthermore, it executed the rotation of 11 contingents, the deployment of 1 contingent and the repatriation of 1 contingent. A total of 124 sorties were performed. The total numbers of troops moved were 25,946.

Quality Assurance and Technical Compliance Unit coordinates quality assurance & technical compliance programs, drafts and monitors the section’s budget and performs all other administrative functions for the Section. Additionally, the team is also in charge of drafting policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), new Statements of Work (SOW), special projects and is responsible for Quality Management System (QMS) mission wide. They ensure compliance with International Public Sector Acknowledgement Standards (IPSAS) requirements and are the point of contact for procurement, Umoja plus audit responses.

MovCon Mombasa Support Base team is responsible for receiving and dispatching all goods transiting through Mombasa seaport/airport and stored in Mombasa Support Base. In 2014, MovCon operated a total of 27 voyages in/out of Mogadishu and Kismaayo, with a total cargo value of $139,294,946.02 (2,116 teu). The office also arranges and coordinates road convoys for rations shipments to/from Liboi and Dhobley for AMISOM troops. A total of 467 sea containers (TEU) were moved in 2014. In addition, the Mombasa Support Base is the main point for cargo consolidation operations, coming from Nairobi and other locations.

MovCon Somalia Operations handles the most critical MovCon operations in close coordination with AMISOM counterparts. The section has deployed a team of 14 members to Somalia to effectively provide services to UNSOA clients. They coordinate vessel and troop movements, supervise and manage ground handling services in all Somalia airport/hubs, seaport operations in Mogadishu and Kismaayo, and receipt plus dispatch of assorted supplies including ammunition and rations amongst others.

With UNSOA’s mandate being logistics-based, MovCon representation is required in each and every location where AMISOM and UNSOA offices are located. Operational functions such as passenger and cargo handling are replicated in each location for safety and quality assurance purposes due to their sensitivity.

Operations in liberating areas within Somalia have received tremendous logistical support from UNSOA through MovCon. Relief in Place (RIP) and operations like ‘Operation EAGLE’ and ‘Indian Ocean’ are examples of tasks where the section has been at the forefront in providing sufficient logistical support to the military combat operations.

Deployment of international staff to sector hubs (Baidoa and Kismayo) has improved the service levels and given the section more prominence, efficiency and improved output into upcoming operations that will affect UNSOA.