The Joint Support Operations Centre (JSOC) is an AMISOM/UNSOA mission support coordination mechanism designed to enhance the planning, prioritisation, coordination and provision of mission support to enable AMISOM achieve its mandate effectively and efficiently.

The work of JSOC is tailored to recognise the multidimensional nature of AMISOM by providing the requisite logistics support to the military, police and civilian components on a priority basis. It is appropriately configured and staffed to effectively and efficiently coordinate, plan and provide logistics support in all sectors. Each sector has representation in the JSOC with an AMISOM Military Desk Officer (MDO) and an UNSOA Desk Officer (DO) who are the sector focal points on logistics support. Also JSOC staff conduct regular forward visits to sectors to get first-hand information on logistics support with a view to promoting efficiency in service delivery.

All AMISOM logistics support requests are processed through JSOC and it is essential that AMISOM and UNSOA share information transparently so that there are agreed priorities for future work activities and requirements.

The work of JSOC has streamlined the procedures of providing support to AMISOM, with requests being logged in a matrix and tracked to completion.