AMISOM Ugandan formed Police Unit conclude tour of duty in Somalia

1 Aug 2015

AMISOM Ugandan formed Police Unit conclude tour of duty in Somalia

Mogadishu, 1st August-The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia (SRCC) Ambassador Maman Sidikou has saluted the outgoing police contingent from Uganda for contributing to the success of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

He spoke during a medal awards ceremony for 138 police officers from the Ugandan Formed Police Unit who have concluded their one-year tour of duty in Somalia.

The send off ceremony also attended by AMISOM Police Chief Anand Pillay and other senior officials from the Somali Police Force and the military.

During the period of service in Somalia, the personnel supported and mentored the Somali Police Force to enforce the basic rule of law principles including community policing, counter-terrorism and public order management using non-combat defence tactics. Other principles included provision of security and explosives disposal.

Ambassador Sidikou, said he was impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by the police officers. “It is at a ceremony such as this, that I personally feel especially proud and honored to be part of the mission. It’s a moment when one would say to you without hesitation that you have demonstrated through your work, exemplary discipline mentioned earlier, bravery, dignity, mentorship, teamwork and compassion,” he added.

Sidikou further said that it was rewarding to see the officers excel on duty without infringing on the values of the Somali people, the African Union and Uganda.

The outgoing contingent commander, Senior Superintendent of Police Samuel Bamuzibire said, “We registered a lot of achievements but here to mention a few. We recovered military hardware, SMGs, pistols, bombs, grenades, PKs and ammunition. Military uniforms and SNA wares were recovered during our cordon and search operations. Others recoveries included radio communication equipment, motor vehicles, motorcycles, mobile phones, counterfeit Somali money, and forged tax receipts. Many suspects and terrorists were netted during the cordon and search exercise and all these people were handed over to NISA for further management.”

AMISOM Police Commissioner Anand Pillay said, “From my side, I want to thank you for the work that you performed here and thank you for supporting the peace and stability efforts in Somalia. At times I have called on members to perform duties out of their line and functions and they did not hesitate to perform. I will give an example of the doctor and his team. We used them to do vetting and the selection process of the Somali Police. That was completely out of their line but they did not refuse in doing so. Thank you for that.”

General Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, the Commissioner of the Somali Police Force said the mentorship programmes to the Somali Police Force had enabled the country achieve peace during the holy month of Ramadan until Eid celebrations.

“We benefited from your contribution and experience during your operation here. Safe trip to all of you and remember that you are advocates of the Somali Police Force wherever you are,” he concluded.